Justin Morris, head Coach

Mind Matters Athlete Coaching is a creation of the passions and dreams of former professional cyclist Justin ‘Mad Dog’ Morris. After receiving a diagnosis of type1 diabetes at age ten, Justin’s dreams and goals in life were threatened. Turning to cycling to help him cope with type1 diabetes quickly proved to not only be beneficial but also the start of a successful pro cycling career. As one of the first ever people with Type1 diabetes to compete in UCI professional races, Justin spent five years as a professional travelling the world racing his bike. Dealing with the challenges of sport and diabetes across five different continents has given Justin a wealth of stories and knowledge about dealing with challenges on and off the bike.

Having since transitioned from a pro cycling career to completing two university degrees in psychology and education from Macquarie University and being awarded with a University Blues Award for excellence in sport and academics. Mind Matters Athlete Coaching has long been a dream for ‘Mad Dog’ as a morphing of his academic and sporting experiences to offer a more holistic approach to athlete and person development. Justin also is an accredited cycling coach recognised under Cycling Australia and the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. 

Justin continues to fuel his competitive streak with multi day mountain bike racing for team, having achieved podium finishes at The Crocodile Trophy, The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge, The Pioneer in New Zealand and The Mongolia Bike Challenge.


Fiona morris, Associate coach

Fiona Morris is a relative late comer to the sport of cycling, having dabbled in many sports through her teenage and early adult years including horse riding, running and most notably motorbikes.

It was a stint in wintery Belgium watching cyclocross from the sidelines, that Fiona decided to jump into the deep end of cycling. Within a few short years Fiona went from watching top level cyclocross from the sidelines to racing at UCI and World Cup events across the world.

A passion for racing cyclocross combined with a passion for helping people get the most out of cycling, Fiona turned to coaching athletes. Fiona takes a holistic approach to coaching, considering both the physical and mental aspects of an athletes needs.

Fiona races cyclocross for team MAAP ENVE and has recently competed at Iowa and Waterloo Cyclocross World Cups and Rapha Supercross Japan. When Fiona isn’t racing cyclocross, she doesn’t mind jumping into road and mountain bike racing.