Straight from the rumor mill

"At Northern Sydney Cycling Club - one of Sydney's oldest racing clubs - our participation and performance in racing had slumped in recent years.  This was evident in the sub 35 yo age group as the demographic of the club changed.

We engaged Justin Morris as the Director of our Elite Development Squad to rejuvenate elite class racing and to identify talented riders and develop them for NRS level racing.

Justin built a squad in his first year as Director which were emerging talent that he took to a whole new level - at the end of the first year 5 of his squad went on to major success at NRS level.

The main difference between Justin and other development coaches, was that he taught the riders how to approach and prepare for racing at the top level.  He developed a mental toughness in the riders by getting them to think about training and racing differently - not just kms and power stats - Justin tapped into riders' basic love of cycling to channel that passion into adding mental strength to their arsenal.

Justin also developed his squad with the right ethos  - never be arrogant, respect those who teach you, and above all be humble - accept success and defeat with grace and learn from it.

At Northern Sydney Cyclin Club we are honoured to recommend Justin and his unique program to others.”

Archie Wilson, Northern Sydney Cycling Club Vice President & Handicapper


Sam Munday

“Justin has had a really positive impact on not only my physical development as a cyclist, however many other aspects of life. He has helped me to not purely focus on the physical training involved in cycling, however holistically address other areas such as positive mentality and self confidence. Justin is a very dedicated, super friendly and motivated person who has had experiences within many areas of the cycling world, including racing 5 years as a professional on the road. He deals with a high level of professionalism and has a broad level of knowledge related to coaching. I seek out to Justin for his assistance with all things related to my cycling development and feel like I would struggle to find anyone else who would do a better job at addressing my needs.”

—Samuel Munday, Team Novo Nordisk


Michael Potter

"At the end of 2015 I was looking for an NRS team to make the next step up in the sport. Justin took me under as a mentor and later as a DS. He provided me with his extensive knowledge in racing as-well as a positive out look on cycling in general. Justin’s coaching business will ultimately provide athletes with improvements both on and off the bike." 

—Michael Potter, 2017 New South Wales U23 Cycling Champion, overall winner 2018 Tour of Tochigi UCI 2.2.




Fabio Calabria


Justin has always had an amazing outlook on racing/training and life. I’ve had the pleasure of being team mates with “the dog” and also had him as a DS. He has always helped me get the best out of myself if that’s at the tour of Denmark as my room mate and team mate or at the national titles as My DS. If he is pinning on a number or pinning on mine he is someone I will always want next to me at a race. As the dog says. “Smiles on faces win races”.

- Fabio Calabria, 10 years professional, 2017 Milan-San Remo.


Cameron Ivory

Justin's wealth of knowledge and experience has greatly assisted me develop as an elite cyclist and has helped me focus on my goals, both on and off the bike. I've been fortunate to have him as a DS on multiple road tours and he has always been there to guide me through the challenging times, whether it's managing various commitments or juggling both road and MTB racing. You won't find anyone with a more positive outlook on all aspects of life than Maddog!

Cameron Ivory, Australian Commonwealth Games team for MTB. Glasgow, 2014, 2018 Australian XCO champion.


Reece Robinson


Justin has always helped me focus on the positives on any given situation i’ve been involved in, and that the only way to approach them is to be the best version of myself - trying to be better at what I enjoy in the sport and in life, with in-depth knowledge to back up his advice. 

To this day I carry myself that way wherever I go and I not only owe him for that, I encourage anyone to speak to Justin about breaking down your own personal barriers. 

Reece Robinson, Gateway- Harley Davidson Trek Racing USA.